I'm Felipe Nascimento, a fullstack software engineer with 15+ years of experience building products and services in distinct business areas and platforms.

Here you will find about past projects, my current work and things I write ocasionally.

Roles I've played

Backend Engineer icon

Backend Engineer

From complex multi threaded monoliths that processed millions of records of financial data to networks of microservices. I'm able to deliver the backend your product needs, from a simple CRUD to more challenging and complex use cases using practical architectures.

Frontend Engineer icon

Frontend Engineer

Bringing Designs and UX to life and integrating with backend services that will be used by your customers. Be it a multipage webapp using HTML, CSS and JS (and their helpers) or a single page application using React or other SPA framework/lib.

DevOps Engineer icon

DevOps Engineer

Building a software it's not just coding the backend and frontend, it needs to be continuously validated and deployed to production. CI , CD and Monitoring are crucial to a product. In early stages allow to iterate quicker and on mature products will help them thrive with less bumps.

Tech Lead/Mentor icon

Tech Lead/Mentor

Experience brings responsibility to share and help others grow and learn. It's done on regular interactions daily, by sharing views and challenging developers to go forward.

With whom I've worked

Elin Duxus